Cara Dillon in Dungiven

The multi award winning singer Cara Dillon comes from the small town of  Dungiven in Northern Ireland. It is a place steeped in myth and legend with a powerful musical tradition. As Cara and her husband and musical collaborator Sam Lakeman take Matthew on a walk through the countryside around the town, she tells stories of a lost princess and a powerful chieftain and his tiny but tough Scottish bodyguards. She also introduces Matthew to the local well which is reputed to be able to cure warts. Standing on an iron bridge over the River Roe, Cara sings “The Winding River Roe” with the water rippling by in the background. Then they climb the local mountain known as “The Hill of Thieves” which is also the inspiration for one of Cara’s songs. As the rain begins to fall, they take refuge in a local sibin where Cara and Sam perform “The Leaving Song” about the living wakes held by families before their children emigrated to the United States.

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